The Red Hot Target

red hot deliveries target

To save time and money, try the Red Hot Target.

Give us your target price for the job and we will work hard to meet your budget.

Contact us 24/7 at (586) 446-0197 or e-mail us.

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Our services are primarily conducted in South East Michigan but extend to the midwest states.

Red Hot services has a fleet of vehicles ready to carry your shipments the same day and from door to door.

We have a capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. Red Hot has the ability to meet your demanding courier and expediting needs.

Also, 24/7 service is always here to provide the peace of mind needed each time critical shipments are made.

A few examples of the items we regularly carry are:


  • Cutting tools, automotive parts, gears, equipment, machine tool repair parts, spare part supplies, hydraulic parts, customer documentation and a whole lot more.


  • Laboratory specimens, patient records, test results, supplies, etc.


  • Print shop documents, office supplies, store shelving, store room supplies, etc.


  • Site sample pick up and delivery, sample packaging and airport transfer


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