The Red Hot Target

red hot deliveries target

To save time and money, try the Red Hot Target.

Give us your target price for the job and we will work hard to meet your budget.

Contact us 24/7 at (586) 446-0197 or e-mail us.

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About Us

Red Hot Deliveries was founded by professionals in the automotive industry where timing is of utmost importance. We strived to build a company that would support all industries.

We wanted to provide a service that eliminated the need to have in-house delivery personnel, commercial vehicles and cargo insurance. We desired to offer peace of mind - no worries about accidents or the quality of the job being performed.

Hence, we set out to provide such service and to ensure we would be more efective than a company's own delivery person. And, after seven years of successfully building a customer base, we can assure you will be an asset to your operation.

Call (586) 446-0197 today and one of our professional customer service representatives will answer your questions.


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